Professional Work Samples

The following are links to several pieces of writing and other work I have done of an academic or professional nature.

First up is a link to a website I designed a while back using Weebly. The site addresses the destructive effects of coal mining and the availability of other more renewable energy sources:

This is a research paper proposal. The original has some visual effects that did not change over into the WordPress example here. It is in memo format:

This is the research paper that followed the proposal above. The format has been somewhat altered by WordPress. The original is in MLA format. This shows my ability to incorporate nine outside sources into a work of my own:

This is an article written for LinkedIn related to the research paper above:

This is the article with some color and adjustments made in order to fit it for a magazine:

Here is a 14 slide PowerPoint presentation I made about beginning as a writer. Included with the slides are some notes on a possible script to go with the slides as well as a little commentary on the color scheme or layout of each slide: