Suggested Reading


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H.P. Lovecraft–  the complete fiction.

This collection of Lovecraft’s works has really inspired me in my writing, I had enjoyed horror before, but Lovecraft really gave me ideas, what with his almost sci-fi stories with the alien creatures that could destroy mankind at any time, Cthulhu, shoggoths, the mi-go and my personal favorite, though not a Lovecraft original, being taken from Frank Belknap Long, the hounds of the tindalose. These nightmare creatures and more helped fill me with a love of a good story, uncertain answers, and the thrill of the fear that nibbles at the edges of the mind and makes the heart race as you jump at shadows.


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Larry CorreiaMonster Hunter International.

The premise of the story isn’t all that hard to lay out in the rough, though it gets a bit more complicated as the series progresses. To stat off though, basically, monsters are real, and the governments of the world want to keep that quiet for fear it would cause panic and possibly lead to the strengthening of some really nasty creatures due to increased belief in them. Enter Owen Pitt a guy with a rough past, family problems, who is just trying to live a normal life. Well life has other things in store for him because he is a prophesied warrior charged with the role of being one of mankind’s champions in a building war, plus his boss is a werewolf and doesn’t really like him all that much.

Larry Correia’s first story got me hooked on him as an author and role model right from the start. Correia excels at writing action, the sort of writing that would likely transfer over to movie adaptation easily. Not only have I found the creativity of his world setup fascinating, but his ability to tell an engaging narrative is something I hope to one day match in my own writing.


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The Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, and other inspired scripture.

If there is one literary genre that has shaped my life, it is the scriptures and writings of modern day prophets and apostles. Not only have the teachings of God shaped me into the person I am today, but they have also led me to seek, not purely to entertain with my writing, but if possible, to also inspire, to make people think, and hopefully come unto Christ.