Work Information

Below you will find a sample cover letter and resume with references a nice way to get a gist of some of my basic skills.

Here are a few questions you might be interested in hearing the answers to.

Question 1: What are your goals for the future? Answer: My goals for the future are to become a published fiction author, likely in the genres of science-fiction, and horror. I intend to work professionally as well, likely in the editing department.

Question 2: How do you evaluate success? Answer: Depends on what I am doing, but generally success for me is a job well done, as well as doing something that will better the world, or even the life of one person in the world.

Question 3: What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make? Answer: Some of the most difficult decisions to make are those that straddle the line of whether they are within my authority or not. I know that my employers and anyone put in a position of authority over me are busy people, and I don’t like having to disturb them just to bring a matter to their attention, unless it is beyond my authority or ability to handle properly on my own. For example, I was a dishwasher and the machine was malfunctioning, this required me to decide if the problem was one I could fix myself, or if I should inform the manager so that a professional could be called in to repair the machine. Sometimes I could get the machine running on my own, other times a part needed to be replaced, and so a professional was needed.



Cover Letter:

Charles Gilmore
LinkedIn profile:

As a student at Brigham young University-Idaho with a BA English degree come 2018, I am interested in becoming a future author and editor of both fictional and professional material.

Having spent two years as a missionary, I have developed skills in preparing lessons/presentations for target audiences. Further, serving as the executive secretary for my church’s bishopric has given me experience in organization and leadership. Through my education thus far I have gained hands-on knowledge in professional and creative writing, as well as editing. I have experience writing in Chicago, MLA, and APA styles. In addition I have learned basic website design using Weebly, and WordPress, as well as effective PowerPoint presentation. Any programs you may use that I am not familiar with I will be able to learn quickly.

My paid work experience has primarily been janitorial in nature with the addition of customer service providence, this has helped me develop a strong work ethic in getting a job done right the first time while doing so in a timely fashion, as well as giving me experience working alone or with a group. Work and volunteer experiences have also expanded my knowledge of effective organization, and strengthened my leadership skills.

Detailed information regarding my experience, qualifications, and LinkedIn profile can be found in the attached résumé. Thank you for your consideration.


Charles S. Gilmore
Charles S. Gilmore

Encl: Résumé, List of References





Charles Gilmore                                                              
LinkedIn profile:

Current student at Brigham Young University-Idaho

  • Bachelor of Arts, with graduation in spring of 2018
  • Major: English.
    Emphasis: Creative writing, with personal interest in editing.
  • Current cumulative GPA: 3.640

Work experience

  • Edited approx. 160 page manuscript for author as part of a class.
  •  Several volunteer teaching and leadership positions including 2 years as full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Assistant Ward Clerk, and Ward Executive Secretary, learning leadership and organization skills.
  • Job description: Public speaking. Preparing weekly or daily lessons for target audiences, including the gospel of Jesus Christ and basic family history, assisting church leadership, and aiding congregation members.


  • Company: City Zoo Petstore.
  • Position: Sales representative and maintenance.
    Time worked there: 2005 – 2009 (4 years) Elmira, New York Area.
  • Job description: Covered wide range of responsibilities, including customer service, care
    of the pet-store’s 100+ animals, maintenance of the store, cleaning, sales, and assisting
    the manager.

Special Skills

  • Editing and proofreading
  • Public speaking and teaching
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Writing
  • MLA, Chicago, and APA styles
  • Secretarial and clerk experience from church positions as asst. ward clerk and ward executive secretary
  • 38 wpm typing speed without errors



For the purpose of maintaining the privacy of some of my contacts I have refrained from having them available to the general public. If you have contacted me regarding a job I am interested in accepting, than I will supply the references, likely via e-mail and word document. Thank you.