My YouTube Channel Invite To You

Hi everyone.

I know there haven’t been any updates on here in a bit now since I finished with the last semester of college.

I don’t really get on here much it seems, but I can tell you where I am actively engaged on a daily basis. For almost 8 months or so I’ve been running a YouTube channel focusing primarily on gameplay walkthroughs and reviews for PC games. These range from Puzzle games, to Horror and Role-playing games to name a few.

I release daily videos, and have been holding a weekly livestream on Saturdays starting at 6pm MDT usually lasting 2-3 hours. Right now the livestream is working on going through The Evil Within, though I recently finished with Alien: Isolation.

Anyway if you are interested in checking it out, here is a link to the channel:

And here is a link to a specific playlist that has the first videos of each series, a sample platter as it were, so you can check out the first video in a series and if you are interested in what you find you can then look up the playlist for that game and follow the whole series through the game:

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Horror: Try Alien: Isolation, Soma, or Kholat.

Psychological Horror: Alan Wake, Conarium, The Evil Within, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Zen: Zen Bound 2, Zenge.

Puzzle: The Talos Principle, Hook, Orbox C.

Squad Based/Squad Building: Templar Battleforce, Space Hulk, Survivor Squad.

This is hardly a comprehensive list, I have several other game series to check out, some are still under construction, and there are even a small handful that have not been completed, but these are pretty few and far between, I like to finish my games most of the time.


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