The Forest Trailer slide Revision 2.0

So after some feedback and experimenting I did a revision of my slide project. Mainly I added a new image from the original, and then made changes to my own image to include more qualities from the 2nd original image.

Slide project 2

Slide project 22

Slide project 23

Slide project 14.jpg

Slide project 25.jpg

Slide project 26.jpg

Slide project 27.jpg

Slide project 28.jpg

Slide project 29.jpg

Slide project 210.jpgSlide project 211.jpg

Slide project 212.jpg

As you can see, I attempted to capture the mist feel, while also moving the text over to the side so as to do the mist effect without blocking the entire image.

It is still a bit rough unfortunately, I had trouble getting a mist like look and it still takes up a chunk of the image, but with time and more work I could see this turning into something.

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