The Forest Additional Ad

In this project I considered my audience to likely be male horror fans ages 18-30.

The ad I am working with is a movie trailer for “The Forest” I chose a single image from the trailer to base my additional image off of. Here is the original:

Misty forest 2 full

Considering the elements and feel that the picture portrays I used a picture of mine from a hike and modified it lightly:

The Forest done with logo

As you can see I added the company logos to mine plus some text which is in line with other parts of the trailer not shown here.

Here is the pdf of the whole project:

Slide project 1

Or if you don’t feel like pulling up the pdf here are the images themselves, examining the piece.

Slide project 1

Slide project 12

Slide project 13

Slide project 14

Slide project 15

Slide project 16

Slide project 17

Slide project 18.jpg

Slide project 19

Slide project 110

All in all I am fairly happy with how this whole thing turned out.


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