The Lurking Woods Early Draft

For this project I decided to make a sort of poster for a horror movie or story. Likely audience would be males, horror fans, and ages 18-30

This is the early draft that I have just made: The Forest horror 1

This was a pretty simple project that I actually completed entirely using photoshop. First I took an old picture I had taken of a stream in the woods, then I stretched out the perspective to make things feel just a little wrong. The original picture was much larger and brighter so I cropped out a good chunk to focus the view and placed a black shape over the whole image. The shape was turned into a lens by making it more opaque. A similar thing was done with the water, only I erased the parts of the image that wasn’t over the water so as to make the water alone appear more red, suggesting that it has been mixed with blood.

just so you can see the difference, here is my original forest picture: IMG_20140816_082346230

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