Strength Through Atonement

Article draft completed2

Article draft completed22

Article draft completed23

I made this revised magazine spread based on feedback received and difficulties I noted with the original design.

Photography: Photo’s were taken by myself, the cover image being of Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus. My wife and I received the clay figures from my Mom.

The photograph on page 2 is of my wife in the similitude of praying.

Target Audience: My target audience are youth of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints roughly of the ages of 12-30, who are seeking greater light and knowledge regarding the atonement in relation to their repentance from past mistakes.

In order to better approach my audience I have formed my article in a similar fashion to some church publications, though with some slight adjustments such as the colored pages which I believe add a friendly and less dull appearance to the article that may aid in maintaining the readers attention while being gentle on the eyes.

Design: For color scheme I went with a rough primary color variant with orange present on the title page instead of red, but maintaining blue in the page coloration and yellow for the pull quote, title, and second image addition. I kept the blue and yellow fairly soft so as to be gentler on the eyes, which was not always the case with the initial draft.

The title was also expanded so as to contain the title of the church, so as to provide clearer identification of the content for church youth readership. A stroke was also added around the text for greater accentuation of the title apart from the rich orange and browns of the title page image.

Typography choices included a serif font for the standard text, for ease of reading the smaller lettering. A sans-serif font was then used for headings, the pull quote, and title text, in order to differentiate it from the standard text, which is further differentiated by the difference in size.

Stroke was removed from the partial oval above the second page image so as to help it blend with the image itself.

Both pictures used indoor lighting out of necessity, though nothing too sharp, as a gentler imagery fit better with the overall feel of the article.

Additional tweaks were made to pull quote size so as to provide a little more white space and to adjust the positioning of the general text.

All in all the article is made to provide the information without scaring away the younger audience.

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