Photographic ways

Photography uses many techniques to achieve excellent picture quality which is pleasing to the viewer. Here are a few examples of a small number of these techniques.


BY ON JUNE 11, 2013, Blog, Post.

Rule_of_thirds draw over

The rule of thirds is a method used in the placement of objects in an image. This setting of placing the objects along the line of a third adds to the visual appeal for the viewer. Note how the building in this image lies on two of the third intersections, it is neither too far towards the edge of the image where we might think it unimportant to the photo, nor is it dead center, which we might find boring.

Rule of thirds my example

Here is one of my own examples of the rule of thirds, note that the plant is along the lines of a third more or less and how our eyes tend to be drawn to it as the primary object of the image.

leading lines

By: Orel’s Photojournalism Blog Wednesday, Sep, 29th, 2010

leading lines draw over

Leading Lines are another means by which a photographer creates pleasing images and effects what we look at as viewers. Here the lines of the road serve to guide our vision through the photograph either from back to front or front to back.

Guiding line my example

Here is an example of leading lines of my own making. The cord serves to guide the eye from the upper left of the image, down to the headset below.

Long Depth of Field 1

By: Caroline MacDonald, Monday, Oct, 18th, 2010

Long Depth of Field 1 draw over
Depth of field is shown rather clearly in this image, note how the hay-bales are differing in size and placement, giving this image a clear sense of the depth and distance the image captured. The effect carries over to the tree line as well, showing it as clearly being behind the hay.
Depth of field my example
Here is my own example of depth of field. The layering of the objects in the image give a clear sense that some are closer to the viewer than others while some are in the background more.
Conclusion: On their own the elements can help an image, but combined, even just these three elements of photography can turn an image into a work of art that viewers will want to look at.

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