500 YouTube Video Milestone

Well a new milestone has been achieved for my YouTube channel, I have uploaded over 500 videos.

Not all of the videos have been released as I have built up unreleased videos in preparation for the college semester that has just started, but I have over 400 videos released, so come check them out. As of this writing the current series’ being released are a somewhat monotonous Subterrain series, a story rich Shadowrun Returns series, and a Dark Souls series which starts off slow but picks up pretty quickly as I get the hang of the controls and the like.

Here is the link to the announcement video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L06qHfTnOJ8

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My YouTube Channel Invite To You

Hi everyone.

I know there haven’t been any updates on here in a bit now since I finished with the last semester of college.

I don’t really get on here much it seems, but I can tell you where I am actively engaged on a daily basis. For almost 8 months or so I’ve been running a YouTube channel focusing primarily on gameplay walkthroughs and reviews for PC games. These range from Puzzle games, to Horror and Role-playing games to name a few.

I release daily videos, and have been holding a weekly livestream on Saturdays starting at 6pm MDT usually lasting 2-3 hours. Right now the livestream is working on going through The Evil Within, though I recently finished with Alien: Isolation.

Anyway if you are interested in checking it out, here is a link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL8modss0rKR4Ql_C7zSMjQ/playlists

And here is a link to a specific playlist that has the first videos of each series, a sample platter as it were, so you can check out the first video in a series and if you are interested in what you find you can then look up the playlist for that game and follow the whole series through the game: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzhC8e1iseh3adg-DpiJstgyV8FLlto2

Here are a few of my suggestions:

Horror: Try Alien: Isolation, Soma, or Kholat.

Psychological Horror: Alan Wake, Conarium, The Evil Within, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Zen: Zen Bound 2, Zenge.

Puzzle: The Talos Principle, Hook, Orbox C.

Squad Based/Squad Building: Templar Battleforce, Space Hulk, Survivor Squad.

This is hardly a comprehensive list, I have several other game series to check out, some are still under construction, and there are even a small handful that have not been completed, but these are pretty few and far between, I like to finish my games most of the time.


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The Forest Trailer slide Revision 2.0

So after some feedback and experimenting I did a revision of my slide project. Mainly I added a new image from the original, and then made changes to my own image to include more qualities from the 2nd original image.

Slide project 2

Slide project 22

Slide project 23

Slide project 14.jpg

Slide project 25.jpg

Slide project 26.jpg

Slide project 27.jpg

Slide project 28.jpg

Slide project 29.jpg

Slide project 210.jpgSlide project 211.jpg

Slide project 212.jpg

As you can see, I attempted to capture the mist feel, while also moving the text over to the side so as to do the mist effect without blocking the entire image.

It is still a bit rough unfortunately, I had trouble getting a mist like look and it still takes up a chunk of the image, but with time and more work I could see this turning into something.

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The Forest Additional Ad

In this project I considered my audience to likely be male horror fans ages 18-30.

The ad I am working with is a movie trailer for “The Forest” I chose a single image from the trailer to base my additional image off of. Here is the original:

Misty forest 2 full

Considering the elements and feel that the picture portrays I used a picture of mine from a hike and modified it lightly:

The Forest done with logo

As you can see I added the company logos to mine plus some text which is in line with other parts of the trailer not shown here.

Here is the pdf of the whole project:

Slide project 1

Or if you don’t feel like pulling up the pdf here are the images themselves, examining the piece.

Slide project 1

Slide project 12

Slide project 13

Slide project 14

Slide project 15

Slide project 16

Slide project 17

Slide project 18.jpg

Slide project 19

Slide project 110

All in all I am fairly happy with how this whole thing turned out.


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The Lurking Woods Early Draft

For this project I decided to make a sort of poster for a horror movie or story. Likely audience would be males, horror fans, and ages 18-30

This is the early draft that I have just made: The Forest horror 1

This was a pretty simple project that I actually completed entirely using photoshop. First I took an old picture I had taken of a stream in the woods, then I stretched out the perspective to make things feel just a little wrong. The original picture was much larger and brighter so I cropped out a good chunk to focus the view and placed a black shape over the whole image. The shape was turned into a lens by making it more opaque. A similar thing was done with the water, only I erased the parts of the image that wasn’t over the water so as to make the water alone appear more red, suggesting that it has been mixed with blood.

just so you can see the difference, here is my original forest picture: IMG_20140816_082346230

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Create Your World With Sharpie Revised Edition

After receiving some feedback on my work, and working with the idea of my audience still being females, age 45-54, who are in a relationship, have a high-school level education, are involved with Blogs and Social Media, and have an income between $60,000 – $89,000.

I adjusted the two images for my Sharpie ad. Mostly I re-sized the text all around and made some adjustments in placement also as a result of needing to fit the larger text.

I also made some small adjustments to the sizing and placement of the planet image to make it look a little different and hopefully more natural.

Below you will find the adjusted images:


2nd Creative world ad 1 facebook


2nd Create your world ad 1 blog

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Sharpie- Creating Worlds Draft 1

For this project my audience was assigned as females, age 45-54, who are in a relationship, have a high-school level education, are involved with Blogs and Social Media, and have an income between $60,000 – $89,000.

The product I had to make an ad for them about, Permanent Markers, I chose a sharpie.

Here is my first go at making the ad fitting formats for social media and blogs, though I reversed the height and width measurements due to my phone taking the pictures a certain way that is rather tall.

Create your world ad 1 blog Here is the blog version, which is a bit more scrunched than the original, but I like how it gives the planet image a bit of a tilt.

Creative world ad 1 facebook Here is the social media version, which is a bit more accurate to the original shape.

I got the image of the planet from this source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Terrestrial_planet_sizes.jpg

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